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Indian Wedding Car Coventry

Contemporary Indian Wedding in England

Indian weddings are admirable for a wide range of reasons. The families involved totally commit to overseeing the event to a success. Lavish gifts are exchanged, perhaps as a way of reinforcing those binding ties. Despite modernity’s best efforts, most of the attributes of these weddings has not been lost. There is still that spirit of tradition that lingers, regardless of the kind of backdrop that the wedding is occurring.

With a Modern Touch

This is not to say that these ceremonies have shunned modernity completely- on the contrary. Brides are now embracing the idea of getting the best from both worlds. All due process is followed when it comes to formalising the ties. And finally, when the big day to say those vows comes, the ceremony is made following some customary guidelines- but with a modern touch.

Indian Wedding in England

There are couples that choose to travel to their motherland for the main ceremony. Indeed, there is no greater way of adhering to your customs than going to the very place they were born. Then there are those that choose to stay within their new found homes. In England, with a thriving Indian population, there’s a fair share of weddings that occur. These combine the best of Indian tradition, and modern English practices.

The regalia, the decorations, and the themes of these weddings reflect a people conversant with their culture. But the venues, the guest lists, the d├ęcor and the choice of transportation paint a picture of a people accepting of modernity.

Contemporary Indian Weddings and Luxury Cars

It’s not unusual to hire luxury cars for an Indian Wedding. It’s a practice that has been witnessed across the land. Wedding couples want to experience all the magic and wonder their special day has to offer, and this means getting the best money has to offer- tradition notwithstanding. As far as transportation goes, there is no more excessive way to go about it than with a luxury car.

A Rolls Royce Phantom is the ideal example that comes to mind. A car built to typify luxury, this wondrous creation is available from our wedding car fleet based in Coventry, and is ideal for any Indian couple. The firm takes it upon itself to prep the vehicle according to stated desires, to ascertain that it is a perfect fit for your occasion. All other sumptuous choices, such as the Mercedes S Class, the Chrysler 300’s, Lincoln Limousines and the Bentley Arnage are also very compelling, and can easily add colour to the event.

Hiring a Limo for Indian Weddings

Hiring a limo is itself a continuation of Indian tradition of splurging on weddings. These events are not known to be thrifty, so breaking the bank to have an occasion befitting of royalty is simply the way it is done.

Coventry Limo enables the booking of more than one wedding car, and for extended occasions, if so desired. Packages are crafted based on the needs of the clients. So worry not if you have really specific desires for your limo because they will all be met.

Also, remember to book early in advance. It creates just enough time to ready the limo suitably just for you.